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"We are now able to reconcile our General Ledger faster, freeing our staff so they can complete more value-added functions"

Steven Sorraghan

Head of Fund Operations at Insignia Financial

Reconciliation Success Stories

Insignia Financial - Custody Reconciliations

Read this case study to learn how Insignia Financial was able to leverage SolveXia to transform and automate their Custody Reconciliations.

US-Based Fintech Company - Streamlining Reconciliations

A Fintech company overcame various reconciliation issues using SolveXia and now spends minutes instead of hours each day completing their reconciliations.

Reconciliation of Wholesale Banking Transactions

Multinational bank which used SolveXia's automated processes to fix its reconciliation of wholesale banking transactions problem.

Transform Your Reconciliations

Receive a free 30-minute session with our reconciliation experts.