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Ready for APRA Connect?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is overhauling its core data collection solution. SolveXia’s Automation Software supports both D2A and APRA Connect.

APRA Connect is now live (as of mid-September 2021) with new forms required for Super Funds and Health Insurers. These are to be followed by new requirements for all APRA regulated institutions.

Why SolveXia for APRA?

APRA Data Preparation:
Connect, validate and process all your data in one place so it is ready for APRA.

APRA Submission:
Prepare and submit APRA returns automatically.

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Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Prepare and submit your APRA returns up to 10x faster

Increase the Accuracy of Your APRA Submissions

Replace manual data entry with automated form submission

Validate Your Forms Before Submission

Pre-validate all your APRA Connect forms with the same rules used by APRA

Automate Any Type of APRA Reporting

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General Insurers

Health Insurers


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Insignia Financial - APRA Reporting

"SolveXia has greatly assisted our company reduce the time and effort involved in preparing and lodging our Quarterly and Annual APRA Returns"

- Paul Tsironis, Head of Fund Statutory Reporting at Insignia Financial

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